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Hydro project’s obsolete turbines cause concern in Nigeria

first_imgOne of Nigeria’s largest hydro dams lays waste as turbines bought in 1982 from a German company were abandoned at the dam site and are now obsolete.The multi-million naira electricity turbines were purchased for the hydropower project at Ikere Gorge dam in Iseyin, Oyo State.The turbines were expected to produce electricity that would benefit several communities in Oke-Ogun area of the state – who now live with erratic power supply or are without access to power entirely.The dam’s project manager, Eng. Isaac Sunday Akingbade, explained that the dam, presently being managed by the Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority, was built to produce no less than 6MW.Akingbade admitted that the obsolete turbines could not be used for the purpose they were procured for.Obsolete turbinesAttributing the situation to the political instability and a lack of funds, Akingbade explained that numerous new developments in hydro technology have rendered the old turbines useless.He added that aside from that, the company that manufactured the turbines in Germany is no longer in existence “so even if the equipment were installed, getting its parts [to repair the obsolete turbines] would pose a serious problem”.The project manager insisted that in order for the project to become a reality, new sets of turbines have to be imported for the dam.However, hydropower expert, Eng. Ahmed Afolayan, puts the blame on frequent changes in government as well as government officials’ attitude towards completing projects not started by them.Afolayan suggests that in order to get back on track, the Federal Government must involves private investors and purchases new turbines for the project since the old ones may no longer meet the present technological demands. Read more: Drought affects hydroelectricity generation in KenyaThe way forwardAccording to the project manager, the Federal Government has now identified the dam as among five in the country earmarked to generate hydropower.He said a government delegation from Abuja recently visited the dam for a survey with a view to fixing the hydro project.The Minister of Water Resources, Engineer Suleiman Adamu, had earlier lamented the proliferation of abandoned projects under the ministry by previous administrations including the bad state of the country’s dams.He has vowed not to embark on new projects during his tenure until the abandoned projects, including the dams, are attended to.Consequently, the minister had put in place a ministerial advisory committee with experts in the water sector to advise the Federal Government on how some of the abandoned projects can be fixed. UNDP China, CCIEE launch report to facilitate low-carbon development BRICS Low carbon, solar future could increase jobs in the future – SAPVIA AFD and Eskom commit to a competitive electricity sector Finance and Policy Generation Previous articleNigeria: EU commits $184m to boost electricity networkNext articleAfrica Infrastructure Board initiative launched to attract UK investors ESI Africa RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Featured image: Stocklast_img read more

Lockheed Martin to Launch its 4th Advanced Extremely High Frequency Protected Communications Satellite

first_imgLockheed Martin’s Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) protected communications satellite is now ready to join the constellation in space. The AEHF-4 satellite was encapsulated into its payload on September 26 in anticipation of its October 17 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.This is the fourth satellite that will complete a worldwide ring of AEHF satellites to deliver global extended data rate (XDR) coverage for the U.S. Air Force and for the partner nations – Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – that also connect to the AEHF network. Lockheed’s Silicon Valley-based Protected Communications team built this satellite and is now making progress on producing the fifth and sixth satellites in the constellation.AEHF communications are jam-proof and offer low probability of detection or interception, and the four AEHF satellite constellation will be able to deliver that capability worldwide. The satellite enables military communications with real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting data, boosted by a five-fold increase in individual user data rates. The AEHF system provides vastly improved global, survivable, highly secure, protected communications for strategic command and tactical warfighters operating on ground, sea and air platforms. A single AEHF satellite provides greater total capacity than the entire legacy five-satellite Milstar constellation.Lockheed Martin manufactured the AEHF-4 satellite at its Sunnyvale, California facility. The satellite was delivered to Florida on July 27, 2018. The AEHF team is led by the MILSATCOM Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor, Northrop Grumman is the payload manufacturer. The US Air Force Space Command operates the AEHF system.last_img read more

Warriors unveil jersey with sleeves

first_img 2 13,075 228 Share on other sites Share this post nuordr 6 852 posts Warriors unveil jersey with sleeves Members Link to post Chawls Share this post 1,204 53,285 posts Share this post McCall Members 2,458 Share this post Link to post Link to post Page 1 of 6   2,551 posts Foxxtrot44 1 Derek Members This topic is now closed to further replies. 228 TaylorMade Link to post 1,288 Posted February 13, 2013 0 Members Link to post Share on other sites Posted February 12, 2013 Posted February 13, 2013 1,149 106 Even in the NCAA, Evansville stopped with the sleeves years ago.Speaking of… Share on other sites Share on other sites Prev 0 Share this post Share this post Posted February 12, 2013 2,359 posts Single worst uniform design I’ve ever seen.I’m sorry. What?Nah the mismatched yellow and abuse of pinstripes still gives the Warriors the edge on basic design deficiency. Although the Chicago uniform does lose points for shorts on a baseball uniform. WTF were they thinking there?But you’re right these aren’t the absolute worst uniforms ever. That title still belongs to these. I’d forgotten them because they were just too hideous to remember. Share on other sites 1 Members Share on other sites what the hell is ccslc? 1 Yes. In addition to the sleeves, they inexplicably added pinstripes to the shorts without matching them on the jersey. The whole uniform will be a moving metaphor for the disaster that is the Golden State Wariors organization. Link to post Posted February 12, 2013 Remove the sleeves and you don’t have that bad of an alt. Though that’s assuming the pinstripes on the shorts follow the bridge cable design. Which I can’t really tell from this angle. Kinda wish the had done the front of the primaries like this rather than just slopping the logo on there and cramming the numbers inside. On the homes it could be blue lettering/numerals with a gold logo and on the blues, gold in front of white. Jungle Jim By Derek, February 12, 2013 in Sports Logo News 139 Members Members Reminds me of Cycle Jerseys for cyclists.http://www.projersey…cle-jerseys.asp Posted February 13, 2013 Sport 1,149 Share on other sites Share on other sites 1 rmackman Sport Location:New Orleans metro area TaylorMade Jungle Jim 17,857 posts Link to post 720 3 Warriors unveil jersey with sleeves Link to post 22,644 Share this post 0 13,075 Link to post Remove the sleeves and you don’t have that bad of an alt. Though that’s assuming the pinstripes on the shorts follow the bridge cable design. Which I can’t really tell from this angle. Kinda wish the had done the front of the primaries like this rather than just slopping the logo on there and cramming the numbers inside. On the homes it could be blue lettering/numerals with a gold logo and on the blues, gold in front of white.I agree. If you take the sleeves off, and use this design for the home and roads as well, the Warriors look even better! warriors 135 Foxxtrot44 0 Posted February 13, 2013 five boroughs, one City. McCall Share this post 6 2 13,075 Link to post 5,655 posts Share this post 139 I said it in the last thread and I’ll say it again…I’m sure the NBA loves this because theyre just adding more real estate for advertisements…EDIT: ah, and I just noticed that Uni-Watch came to the same conclusion…good for them. Next Share on other sites 0 102 102 Share on other sites Posted February 13, 2013 661 bosrs1 Members 106 Recommended Posts Link to post Location:San Diego 15,496 posts C’s Share on other sites 4 Link to post 973 basketball Posted February 13, 2013 Share on other sites so so horribleLooks like a bicycle shirt with Pacers shorts. The yellows are different shades, too. Posted February 13, 2013 The Golden One 9,766 posts Sports Logo News sleeves SportsLogos.Net Share this post Single worst uniform design I’ve ever seen.I’m sorry. What? Medical Crab 451 139 Link to post Members Members Location:Cincinnati 973 Page 1 of 6   Moderators The Golden One Share this post Favourite Logos:I like a lot of the logos from the early 90s. My signature is proof of that (and a representation of my favorite teams). Seems like a natural progression, in a way. At every level below the NBA/NBDL/etc, players are allowed to wear sleeved shirts underneath their uniform tops. Even now, more players in the NBA are wearing visible compression jerseys. Adidas and the NBA are just taking it to the next step.Does it look good? No. Looks very rec-league. Even in the NCAA, Evansville stopped with the sleeves years ago. I think the last time I saw sleeves on an on-court jersey, it was the Louisiana Tech women’s team.But with the current fashions getting baggier and longer than the past, I suppose it was inevitable.This jersey doesn’t look horrible. For a rugby team. 0 1,287 posts 0 Gothamite Link to post 135 what the hell is ccslc? “Sports Aesthetics” Share this post 837 Share this post Posted February 13, 2013 Single worst uniform design I’ve ever seen. Looks like a soccer player’s uni mated with a pool boy outfit. Unless the guy wearing it is totally ripped it just looks wrong. And the mismatched pinstrip shorts turn an already terrible idea into a hideous mess. nuordr Link to post 1,149 jersey 0 Am I the only person who thinks these look like Womens Uniforms? Share this post 661 Members The One & Only 1,275 posts 1 U of Florida ’03 (Telecomm) – FAU ’08/’14 (MBA/MHA) Sport Prev Link to post 837 139 Posted February 13, 2013 Personally, not sure if I’m digging them or not, but anyway… (oops, missed these in the NBA mega-thread)Are those pinstriped shorts? That’s a bigger mistake than the sleeves.Nope, not to worry.”Pinstripes arent really pinstripes… They’re cables from the bridge…”-Rick Welts bosrs1 Share on other sites rmackman ^ the future of NBA uniforms (adding in corp sponsors of course) 7,190 posts Location:San Diego 1,288 slapshot Location:Born in Palo Alto, CA – left immediately for Milwaukee, WI – then Ft. Lauderdale, FL – then Atlanta, GA – back to FL again – then Chicago, IL, now West Palm Beach, FL….it’s a long story…. 26,438 posts 720 Next 451 26,438 posts Posted February 13, 2013 1 Members 0 Sport Conrad. CrazyAnna SLAM 1,287 posts Link to post 2,458 Personally, not sure if I’m digging them or not, but anyway… (oops, missed these in the NBA mega-thread)Are those pinstriped shorts? That’s a bigger mistake than the sleeves. 451 700 posts Members You sicken me. All Activity 720 Members Location:bah. I haven’t read the NBA uniforms thread and I’m sure someone’s made this point already, but there’s no way these catch on. They’re going to join Cooperalls and the White Sox shorts on the big uniform farm upstate. Favourite Logos:”Tradition and simplicity; there’s a fine line between the two. You can’t manufacture tradition but you can empathize simplicity.” – John Viola Derek Share this post C’s Sports Logo News 1,288 Link to post Share this post 661 Members 102 Share this post Posted February 13, 2013 1,204 bosrs1 3 Posted February 13, 2013 Posted February 13, 2013 Location:Seattle, WA Location:Seattle 13,075 1,288 Personally, not sure if I’m digging them or not, but anyway… (oops, missed these in the NBA mega-thread) 0 135 Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots 4 1,288 5,241 posts Respect for flipping off tradition, but come on. Horrendous doesn’t begin to describe these. Share this post 0 Share on other sites 837 Location:Cincinnati 0 22,644 so so horrible Members Location:Kentucky Moderators Followers 2 Share on other sites 93 Link to post Sign in to follow this   0 2,458 13,075 Gothamite Posted February 13, 2013 7,190 posts slapshot 1,204 Share on other sites 139 1,288 5 0 Posted February 13, 2013 All Activity Sports Logos Posted February 13, 2013 106 Location:Dallas, TX 13,075 228 Banned 93 Warriors unveil jersey with sleeves 𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐌𝐄 𝐈𝐍 The Golden One Sign in to follow this   Share on other sites 7,535 posts Members Posted February 13, 2013 CrazyAnna 0 The NFL season has finally returned. 🙂 Chawls Share this post 5 Forums Home 93 Looks very rec-league.Even my rec league jersey doesn’t have sleeves. Formerly & Currently McCall Location:Ohio 0 bosrs1 Share on other sites Sports Logos Forums Home SLAM 973 Favourite Logos:Washington State (1995-pres)Seattle Seahawks (1976-2001 / 2012-pres)Seattle MarinersSeattle Supersonics (1975-1995)Seattle Sounders FCSan Antonio Spurs (1989-2003) Conrad. 139 1,771 posts Link to post Share this post Location:Missouri Followers 2 Go To Topic Listing Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net 22,644 239 posts Share on other sites The Golden Onelast_img read more

Washington Nationals Lineup 4/29/18

first_imgThe Washington Nationals take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in their season finale today at Nationals Park on April 29th, 2018. The Nats are down 2-0 in the series. The pitching matchup for today’s game is LHP Gio Gonzalez(2-2, 3.04 ERA) taking on LHP Robbie Ray(2-0, 5.13 ERA). Here’s the lineup for today’s game.The lineup goes as follows, SS: Trea Turner, 1B: Ryan Zimmerman, RF: Bryce Harper, 2B: Howie Kendrick, CF: Michael A. Taylor, C: Matt Wieters, LF: Moises Sierra, 3B: Wilmer Difo, and P: Gio Gonzalez.Please follow and like us:last_img

Madrid held 3-3 by Legia, Dortmund advance in Champs League

first_imgWarsaw (AP) – One more team booked a ticket in the knockout stage of the Champions League on Wednesday and it wasn’t the star-studded defending champions, Real Madrid.Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, centre, is challenged by Legia Warsaw’s Jakub Rzezniczak, right, and Adam Hlousek during their Champions League Group F match at Stadion Wojska Polskiego, in Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday, Nov. 2. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)Needing a win at Legia Warsaw to advance, Madrid squandered a 2-0 lead and allowed the Polish side to earn their first point of the campaign in what became a highly embarrassing 3-3 draw for the Spanish powerhouse.But while Zinedine Zidane’s team struggled, Borussia Dortmund had no such trouble and advanced to the knockout stages with two games to spare after a 1-0 win over Sporting Lisbon. They join Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid and five-time winners Bayern Munich, who all qualified on Tuesday.Zidane said he wasn’t surprised by a result that saw his team slip to second place in Group F, two points behind Dortmund. “It was a strange match, it didn’t go the way we wanted it to,” the Madrid manager said. “We lacked a bit of everything. Above all, when we scored two goals we dropped our intensity, and when you do that they can score. Now we are going to forget this game.”Polish supporters didn’t have a chance to celebrate at Wojska Polskiego Stadium, as the doors had been closed to the public by UEFA as a penalty for fans’ racist behavior and the fireworks thrown during a previous loss to Dortmund.Coming off a hat trick in the Spanish league, Cristiano Ronaldo finished empty-handed and remains two goals short of scoring his 100th goal in European competition.Leicester dropped their first points in their first foray into the Champions League and need to wait for another round of matches to seal a place in the last 16.Here’s a look at what happened in the Champions League on Wednesday in detail:___GROUP EIn a tightly contested group, Monaco took a big step toward qualifying with a 3-0 win over CSKA Moscow and Bayer Leverkusen claimed their first victory of the campaign at the expense of Tottenham.Monaco are now top of the group with eight points, two more than Leverkusen. Tottenham are another two points behind.Valere Germain took advantage of some hapless goalkeeping from Moscow’s Igor Akinfeev to open the scoring in the 13th minute. Radamel Falcao added Monaco’s second from Benjamin Mendy’s cross in the 29th and then used some neat footwork to make it 3-0 in the 41st.A record Tottenham attendance of 85,512 at their temporary Wembley Stadium home saw Kevin Kampl score in the 65th minute with a deflected shot for a 1-0 win which lifted Leverkusen into second place.___GROUP FMadrid looked set to romp to another big win after Gareth Bale netted an amazing opener from distance in the first minute before then setting up Benzema to make it 2-0.But Madrid’s slack defense — and over-confidence — let Legia Warsaw rally in stunning fashion to take the lead. Vadis Odjidja and Miroslav Radovic struck from long range before Thibault Moulin also scored from outside the area in the 83rd.Madrid were facing a humiliating defeat until Mateo Kovacic fired in from near the edge of the box to at least rescue a point.Dortmund left their top striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang watching from the stands as his backup, Adrian Ramos, scored the only goal in the 12th minute of a 1-0 win over Sporting Lisbon.Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel said Gabon striker Aubameyang was left out for “internal reasons.”The German side are atop the standings on 10 points, with Madrid trailing by two points and Sporting five further back.___GROUP GFollowing three straight wins, Leicester were held to a scoreless draw at FC Copenhagen and must now wait for a home game against a Brugge side that lost 1-0 at FC Porto for another chance to advance.Leicester dominate the group with 10 points, followed by Porto with seven, while Copenhagen are in third spot with five points.Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel dived to his right to claw away a downward header from Andreas Cornelius in injury time to earn the draw.Andre Silva headed home for Porto in the 37th minute at the Estadio do Dragao to end a winless drought at home in European competitions. The ball deflected off the shoulder of Brugge midfielder Tomas Pina before going into the top corner by the far post. It was Silva’s fourth goal in his last four matches with Porto.The result eliminated Brugge, who are yet to win a point after four matches.___GROUP HSevilla moved closer to the knockout stages after easing to a 4-0 win over a Dinamo Zagreb side that played the entire second half with 10 men. Dinamo defender Petar Stojanovic received a red card just before the break with the score at 1-0.Sevilla dominated throughout the match at their Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium, with goals from Luciano Vietto, Sergio Escudero, Steven N’Zonzi and Wissam Ben Yedder putting the result beyond doubt.Sevilla, who won the Europa League for the previous three seasons, lead Group H with 10 points. Dinamo are left with zero points.Juventus have eight points after drawing 1-1 with Lyon, who have four.The Italian hosts missed the chance to ensure qualification with a victory.Gonzalo Higuain netted a penalty in the 13th minute but missed an open goal shortly before halftime. Juventus looked on course for the win but Corentin Tolisso leveled six minutes from time.last_img read more

Warriors claim big wins

first_imgBy Hayley Wildes The Pakenham Warriors recorded a pair of dominant wins and a tough loss in Round 8 Big…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Corinthians RFC and Shop Street Hosts Sleep Out For Simon

first_imgThis year, Simon are aiming to raise €30,000 to fund health and well-being costs for up to 300 clients supported by our prevention, housing and support services.Providing homeless services is much more than just putting a roof over someone’s head. The investment in health-related supports is a vital contributor in helping people turn their lives round.Galway Simon’s Health & Well-Being Team are dedicated to providing each of our clients with specialist support in areas including physical and mental health, addiction, relapse prevention, life skills and access to training, education and employment.100% of funds raised through this year’s event will be used towards the shortfall in funding for these services specifically covering essential counselling, chiropody and dental treatments, as well as the development of a garden allotment project to promote mental health and meaningful use of time.Amy Lavelle from Simon Galway joined John Mulligan on Over The Line to speak about the SleepoutAudio Playerhttps://download-galwaybay.sharp-stream.com/AMY%20LAVELLE.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Corinthians RFC and Shop Street will host a Sleep Out for Simon tonight starting at 6pm in Corinthians and 7pm at Shop Street Galway. Listen to what some of last year’s participants had to say about the experience of sleeping out. #sleepout4simonprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Those involved will experience for one night what many people in Ireland face every day while helping to raise awareness and funds to tackle homelessness.last_img read more

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Club Final Preview – Conor Cooney

first_imgprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Conor Cooney will be leading out St Thomas on St Patrick’s day and he spoke to Niall Canavan. St Thomas face Ballyhale Shamrocks in the AIB All-Ireland Senior Hurling Club Final in Croke Park on Sunday looking to add to their win in the club final in 2013 when they beat Kilcormac-Killoughey in the final by 1-11 to 1-9.last_img

New Orleans, Southeastern Louisiana Take to the Court Thursday

first_imgCountdown to Katy: The countdown in on for the 2014 Southland Conference Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament March 12-16 at the Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy, Texas. This will be the seventh consecutive year for the tournament to be held in Katy. This year’s women’s tournament will begin on Thursday, March 13 with first-round action beginning at 11 a.m. The second round will follow on Friday, March 14. All four games in the first two rounds will be streamed live for free on the Southland Conference Digital Network. The semifinals, which will be shown on ESPN3, will take place on Saturday, March 15 and the championship will be played Sunday, March 16 with a 12 p.m. tipoff and will be televised on CBS Sports Network. The 2014 tournament will be the 15th in league history to be played at a neutral site. The tournament was played in Shreveport, La., from 1995-2001 and was held in Houston in 2007 before moving to Katy in 2008. McNeese State’s Allison Baggett Named Player of the Week: Baggett helped McNeese to two road wins last week at Southeastern Louisiana and New Orleans. The sophomore from Iota, La. (Iota H.S.), led the Cowgirls in scoring with 24 points against the Lady Lions and was one of four Cowgirls to notch double figures with 19 against the Privateers. On the week, Baggett averaged 21.5 points on 47.1 percent (16-for-34) shooting from the field, including 54.5 percent (6-for-11) from 3-point range. Baggett also averaged 3.5 rebounds, an assist and a steal in the two wins.Nicholls’ KK Babin Becomes League’s All-Time Minutes Played Leader: Nicholls’ senior guard KK Babin become the league’s all-time leader in minutes played when she eclipsed former Central Arkansas’ Megan Herbert’s mark of 4,143 minutes. Babin reached the milestone in the first half of the Colonels’ win against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Jan. 18. Babin, who leads the league in minutes played this season, averaging 39.0 per game, has ranked in the league’s single season top 10 for minutes played every year she has been at Nicholls. Currently, Babin has played in 4,462 minutes in her career.Colonels’ White Leads League in Scoring: Nicholls sophomore guard Emani White leads the conference with 18.7 points per game. White, who averages 17.8 points per game in league play, also leads the league with 2.4 steals per game, which is 48th in the nation.Lady Lions’ Pool One of Nation’s Most Consistent Shooters: Southeastern Louisiana sophomore forward Nanna Pool sits atop the conference in field goal percentage at 58.8 percent. Pool, who is 120 for 204 shooting in 24 games, also ranks among one of the country’s elite, ranking seventh in the NCAA. Pool averages 12.2 points per game and is third on the Lady Lions’ team in scoring.Pool Leads the League in Rebounding: Southeastern Louisiana’s Nanna Pool pulls down 10.4 rebounds per game to lead the league. The sophomore forward is also one of four conference players to average 10 or more rebounds in league games with 11.8, which is also a league high. Pool is ahead of Sam Houston State’s Angela Beadle (10.0), Central Arkansas’ Courtney Duever (10.2) and Abilene Christian’s Suzzy Dimba. Pool ranks 30th in the NCAA with her 10.4 rebounds per game while Beadle, who averages 10.3 rebounds per game, ranks 31st in the nation.Defense Wins Games: Central Arkansas is proving that defense wins games as the Sugars Bears have not only the stingiest defenses in the conference but also one of the toughest in the country. The Sugar Bears, who sit in first place with a 10-3 league mark, only allow 56.3 per game, which ranks 162th in the nation. In league play, UCA holds conference opponents to a league-best 54.0 points per contest. UCA has held eight opponents to 50 points or less this season. Weekend Games Ahead: There are six games on the scheduled for Saturday, including five conference games. Those games are all against travel partners with McNeese State visiting Nicholls, Oral Roberts visiting Central Arkansas, Northwestern State at Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston State at Lamar and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Houston Baptist. UIW will step out of conference to host New Jersey Institute of Technology. Tickets On Sale for Katy: All-session tickets for the 2014 Southland Conference Basketball Tournament, which will be held March 12-16 at the Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy, Texas, are now on sale. Reserved all-tournament booklets are available for $75, while general admission all-tournament booklets are available for $60 at all Ticketmaster Outlets, Ticketmaster.com and all Southland Conference member institutions. Tickets for each session of the tournament go on sale March 10.center_img Women’s Basketball Weekly Release (PDF)News & NotesNew Orleans, Southeastern Louisiana Lone League Game Thursday: Heading into the final weeks before the conference tournament, the Southland Conference is in the midst of its lightest week of the season with just one conference game on the schedule Thursday. Southeastern Louisiana visits New Orleans. Earlier in the season, the Lady Lions defeated the Privateers 84-55 in Hammond, La., Jan. 30. Southeastern Louisiana is looking to return to Katy after missing last year’s tournament. The Lady Lions are currently in a three-way tie for the final two spots. Southeastern Louisiana is 7-17 overall and 6-6 in the league. Meanwhile, the Privateers are in search of their first Southland win. New Orleans sits at 0-24 overall and 0-13 in conference. Already this week, Abilene Christian improved to 15-11 overall after a non-conference win Tuesday, when it cruised to a 108-56 victory over visiting Arlington Baptist. UIW’s Mora Twins, Nicholls’ Nash Earn Academic All-District Honors: UIW twin sisters senior Ify Mora and junior Kosy Mora were two of only five players selected to the Capital One Academic All-District 7 Women’s basketball Team and Nicholls junior Jenny Nash was one of five players named to the All-District 6 Team by the voting members of the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). All three players will now appear on the national ballot for Academic All-America honors.last_img read more

Stratford volleyball moves on after comeback against Athens

first_imgBy Paul LeckerAUBURNDALE – The Stratford volleyball team was on the brink of elimination before a big rally saved its season.Stratford defeated Athens 25-19, 22-25, 19-25, 25-21, 15-9, to win a WIAA Division 3 girls volleyball sectional semifinal Thursday night at Auburndale High School.Stratford moves on to a Division 3 sectional final Saturday night at Athens against Neenah St. Mary Catholic. The match begins at 7 p.m. and the winner advances to the 2017 WIAA State Girls Volleyball Tournament at Resch Center in Green Bay on Nov. 2-4. The Division 3 state semifinals are Friday, Nov. 3, at 1 p.m., and the championship match is Saturday, Nov. 4, at 11:30 a.m.Stratford and St. Mary Catholic have never qualified for the state tournament.Makayla Krall had 19 kills and 11 digs, Mazie Nagel added 18 kills and 19 digs, Jadyn Dahlke had 28 assists, 10 kills and nine service aces, and Brooke Peterson had 26 assists for Stratford.last_img read more