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ATT and Verizon announce new prepaid plans ahead of iPhone 5 launch

first_imgThough it may be hard to believe for heavy phone users out there, some of us really don’t talk on our phones that much. Sure, customers can sign up for an unlimited everything plan, but what if you don’t need all the bells and whistles and just want to be able to use your phone to call your mom for 15 minutes here and there? Both AT&T and Verizon announced new prepaid plans yesterday that happen to be coming just weeks in advance of when we think the iPhone 5 will be announced.Starting September 18, AT&T will offer a new GoPhone plan for prepaid customers. The plan will cost you $25 a month and will provide 250 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited nationwide messaging for 30 days. There’s also an international long distance package that will cost prepaid customers $10 and will include 250 minutes to over 50 countries. And good news for those of us who like to take trips north of the border; you can now roam in Canada for 39 cents per minute, send messages for 25 cents each, and receive messages for 20 cents.Though $25 a month may sound good, smartphones do require a separate data package to access data and web services. Also, we seriously doubt that AT&T will offer its GoPhone service plan for the iPhone 5, but there’s a chance that you may be able to use the GoPhone service if you pay full price for the iPhone, which will be at least $649 — making your $25-a-month plan not really worth it.As for Verizon’s new prepaid plan, starting Thursday you can pay $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data with select phones. Verizon will most likely not lower the price below $50 to make sure it doesn’t lose its postpaid subscribers.Sprint recently announced it would offer an unlimited data plan to every customer that signs an iPhone 5 contract. Compared to Verizon and AT&T who both have a data caps on their data plans, Sprint may see a lot of new subscribers with the unlimited data plan. Lets just hope their network can cope.via Engadget and WSJlast_img read more