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Yikes Verizon photoshops iPhone Maps app onto Droid

first_imgImage editing mistakes make my day. When you get paid to do something creative like that, you should pay closer attention. Today’s photoshop fail goes to Verizon Wireless. Notice anything funny about this ad for the Motorola Droid X?In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s the iPhone version of Maps that was Photoshopped onto this Droid X.Now, that’s a pretty silly mistake to make. But maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe Verizon is intentionally dropping more and more hints at the unconfirmed potentially upcoming Verizon iPhone? Maybe this is some kind of subliminal push to get everyone used to seeing this UI on Verizon Wireless? I doubt it, but it’s funny anyway you look at it.Thanks to Engadget for being able to spot iOS anywhere.last_img