John Rankin blasts young players over ‘Nando’s and cinema’

first_imgPFA Scotland chairman John Rankin has slammed youth players who have a poor attitude to training and self-improvement.Queen of the South midfielder Rankin said that he had seen young players who would put cinema trips and meals at Nando’s ahead of striving to reach the top of the game.The former Falkirk, Dundee United and Hibs player tweeted in support of Scottish FA performance director Malky Mackay.Mackay had bemoaned “baller” culture and the comfort zone that had players thinking they had made it before any real achievement at the top level of the game. “They don’t want to do extra so they encourage the ones with lesser ability not to go that extra bit. #ownstandards #selfpride #strongmentality #rantover”.Mackay, who has responsibility for the development of elite players at all levels, held up top athletes such as Andy Murray and Laura Muir as examples of dedication.He told the Scottish Sun newspaper: “Their diet has to be right. Their body fat must be right.“They have to have athleticism. “They have to work on their weaker foot, they have to work in the afternoons on their own, they have to cut their own clips and watch them back and they can’t leave their clubs at 2pm to go home.“What we’re looking for is sacrifice from these boys. That’s what it takes to become a footballer because it’s so hard for that one per cent who make it.” Rankin tweeted: “I’ve seen under-20s players miss gym sessions, leave before first team players, skip spinning classes when injured or don’t get a shower so they can get to Nando’s before the 2.30 showing at the cinema only to be reduced to tears or apologise when they’ve been had a go at for doing it.“It’s putting demands on kids which they don’t like these days, they class it as bullying…“Why are they apologising to me or another senior pro for not doing extra… they are prolonging my career by not getting any better in their own time!“There is a peer pressure too from the ‘better kids’… ‘Why are you going to the gym?’, ‘Go home, ya geek’.last_img

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