PPC candidate wants to ‘preserve Canadian values’

first_imgPeople’s Party of Canada candidate John Balagtas said he was drawn to the party due to its priorities of “preserving Canadian values” and “protecting free speech.”“I truly believe that in order for a nation to be in a state of peace we’ve got to share the same common values, common beliefs,” said the Chatham-Kent-Leamington candidate.Balagtas immigrated to Canada in 1991 at age 10 from the Philippines. He said his family moved around to a few places, including Scarborough, Pickering and Windsor.Eventually, he settled in Mississauga but later decided to move to Chatham-Kent in order to be closer to family in Windsor and Michigan.He said he became interested in running for office when he saw how this region didn’t have the same services and infrastructure as the last place he lived.“I was wondering how come they’re getting all of those funds there and how come people in Southwestern Ontario are pretty much getting whatever is left,” said Balagtas.This is the second time he is running for public office. He unsuccessfully placed a bid for a trustee’s position with the Lambton Kent District school board in 2018.Balagtas said high unemployment, high child poverty and the opioid crisis are the biggest issues for the riding, and he thinks they are all related.“I feel that we can address the high unemployment rate in Southwestern Ontario, everything that is connected to that will slowly follow through,” he said.The candidate works as an employment specialist in London and has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves for the past 12 years, currently serving in a part-time role.He said residents have been talking to him about their dissatisfaction with the “current government’s inability to follow through with their promises.”“They have lost their interest in choosing any one particular party because they feel that what’s the difference between your promises and their promises?” he said.When asked if he trusts the 97 per cent consensus among peer-reviewed scientific research that climate change is real and caused by human activity, Balagtas said his party is against “climate alarmism.”“I think it’s doing the people the disservice of trying to put them in a panic where there should be no panic at all,” he said. “We need to concentrate on the issue and try to come up with a solution to the problem, not to try to put people into panic where you try to tell them there is a crisis going on when there is no crisis at all.”He said climate always changes and, when asked if it always changes at the current rate, when the Earth is regularly experiencing record-high temperatures, he said there is disagreement in the scientific community, with some saying it is changing at its natural rate.Balagtas said most of the other candidates want to promise affordability to people, but “they are unwilling to actually divulge to the people how they’re going to fund it.”“People are hoping this is going to happen when they get elected and the problem is when they get elected, slowly one by one, those promises tend to disappear because they realize it wasn’t practical to begin with because the money wasn’t there.”last_img

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