Kejriwal oath speech: Full text

first_imgArvind KejriwalArvind Kejriwal, after taking oath as Delhi Chief Minister on Saturday, delivered a speech thanking voters and outlining the AAP government’s plans.  Here is a translation of the Hindi speech he gave at Ramlila Maidan.”We had fallen short of a few seats but god has now fulfilled this wish too. We did not know people of Delhi love us so much – 67 out of 70 seats! People of all religion and all castes have voted for us – Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. The poor voted for us. The rich voted for us too.Sixty-seven of 70 seats. This cannot be a human effort. This is nature’s miracle. We have to understand what god wants us do. God wants us to do something special. We are happy god has selected us as his representatives.But when you bag such a win, people become arrogant and then everything is finished.So we have to vigilant to make sure that arrogance does not arise. Then our mission will not succeed.So I have heard people on TV saying that we will contest polls in four states, 10 states. This shows arrogance.Why did the Congress lose? Since there was arrogance. Why did people defeat the BJP? Due to its arrogance.The last time we won 28 seats and arrogance arose in the party when we decided to contest across the country during the Lok Sabha and we lost.I have decided to work only in Delhi for the next five years.Some doctors came to me and said people come with AAP caps and do hooliganism in hospitals. But I am sure none of our workers can do this. But maybe people from the opposition parties can try to malign us by wearing our party’s caps.advertisementArvind KejriwalFrom this dais, I want to tell all policemen that if anyone seen doing any hooliganism while sporting our party’s caps, arrest them immediately and give them double the punishment.During Anna’s movement, we used to give slogans of corruption-free India, corruption free India. But we wondered if corruption will ever go. But during our 49-day rule, did we not end corruption?We are confident that in five years, we will end corruption from Delhi. We will make Delhi India’s first corruption-free state.I am going to make the same announcement that I made on December 28, 2013. If someone offers bribe, do not say no. Make a setting. Record the person’s voice on a mobile phone, give it to us and we will take action.We will also restart the telephone lines that had instilled fear among the corrupt.It is important to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill but I want to request people in the media who keep asking me how soon will we pass the bill?I want to tell them that the government does not run like this. We will do it as soon as possible. But we will do everything with conviction. We will work for 24 hours.Just as the results came, we began working.I had fever. I came after taking Crocin.There have been some incidents that made people of Delhi very angry. The efforts to start riots, a church was burned, some churches were set afire. We have never seen such incidents in the last 35 years. People of Delhi will not tolerate this. People of Delhi celebrate all festivals and want to live in harmony.With Delhi Police’s help, we will make sure that people of all religions feel secure.I met PM Modi and said we needed their cooperation and we will also cooperate with Centre to make Delhi a better city.In every BJP manifesto, the party sought full statehood for Delhi. I told this to PM. We have full majority in Delhi and you have full majority in Centre, and if we want, we can give full statehood for Delhi. We are ready and I hope he will consider our proposal.PM is a busy man. So I told him that let people of Delhi run Delhi. This AAP government is everybody’s government, if you voted for us or not.  I am everybody’s CM. We will serve all of Delhi.Some words for the traders of Delhi. We need money to run the government and I tell all traders that no department will harass you. But do give full tax. Your tax will not be stolen, I assure you.We will use to tax on education, health and on women’s safety.I my last tenure, I learnt that there was no dearth of money in the government. It’s about lack of intentions. The money is enough for good development.advertisementEmbrace people. They will bring development themselves.We want to end VIP culture. Tell me, do you like it when a road is closed for an hour since a minister is passing by.There will be no red beacon on any minister or MLAs vehicle.One sage told me that wherever a man reaches, he should not forget is status. I am a small man and four-five rooms are enough for me and my family.A few hundred people come to meet me and I need space to make them sit and need to do my work.In elections, there are winner and losers. Kiran Bedi is like my elder sister. She has been a good administrator and we want to take her along in our work. We will take her guidance. We will also consult Ajay Maken once in a while since he knows how to run an administration.We will work with all the good people in all parties so that poor and rich can feel proud over the city.I request god to give us wisdom.Aap volunteers are diamonds and gold and often tears come to my eyes listening to their stories. The MLAs got ministerial posts but what did they get after shutting their shops and campaigning for us?I want to sing a song. But you know my throat is bad but the lines of the song are apt in these times of religious disharmony.”last_img

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