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Woman collapses after found guilty in alleged botched murder

first_img VISTA, Calif. (AP) A woman collapsed in a California courtroom after hearing she had been found guilty in what authorities called a botched murder-for-hire plot targeting her husband, who was shot but survived.Diana Lovejoy and her firearms instructor, Weldon McDavid Jr., were convicted separately Monday of charges including conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.There were gasps when Lovejoy passed out and fell, and her family members sobbed and asked for someone to help her. Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom so the 45-year-old could receive medical attention.MORE: Collier man accused of killing family has outburst in courtA TV reporter who attended to Lovejoy before paramedics wheeled her out on a gurney told the newspaper it appeared that she had been overcome by shock.After court resumed, the same jury then returned guilty verdicts against McDavid. As his family watched, the 50-year-old put his head in his hands and cried.Lovejoy, of Carlsbad, faces at least 25 years to life in prison. McDavid, who pulled the trigger, faces 50 years to life. Sentencing was set for Dec. 12.At the time of the shooting, Lovejoy and her then-husband, Greg Mulvihill, were in the midst of heated divorce. The two sides reached an agreement that they would share custody of their young son and that Lovejoy would pay Mulvihill $120,000. That payment was due weeks after he was shot.“She didn’t want to share custody, and she didn’t want to give $120,000 to her husband,” jury forewoman Erin Reed told the Union-Tribune.MORE: Sheriff: 4 arrested in accused killer’s courtroom escapeThe newspaper said there was no dispute that McDavid pulled the trigger and shot Mulvihill on a dark dirt path in Carlsbad on Sept. 1, 2016.The question was whether the expert gunman did it as a $2,000 hired hitman, or whether he was simply trying to shoot out the light Mulvihill was carrying in his left hand.McDavid — a former Marine and School of Infantry instructor from Oceanside— testified that it was the latter, that had he intended to kill the man, he could have easily done so. The bullet struck him under his left armpit, and exited out of his back.Lovejoy did not testify.Jurors told the newspaper they didn’t buy McDavid’s testimony.One juror said that among the strongest pieces of evidence was testimony from Lovejoy’s aunt, who said that a year before the shooting, Lovejoy had asked her if she knew someone who would scare or kill her husband. Published: November 14, 2017 11:47 PM EST Woman collapses after found guilty in alleged botched murder Author: Associated Press center_img SHARE Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know.last_img read more

Fingerprints sometimes lie

first_imgIt still surprises me that when you say you were a defence lawyer (nb never a criminal lawyer) how many people ask how you could defend people you knew were guilty. The great thing about defending professional criminals was that in the teeth of the evidence – caught on camera, the swag behind the fireplace, a written confession and fingerprints all over the bank counter – they would still try to explain it away. Mysterious identical twin brothers; verballed up; minding a bag for a man with red hair called Jimmy whom they met in a pub; police brutality – perm any three from four. As for the fingerprints, my clients used to shy away from ever saying these were planted, going to the most extraordinary lengths to explain, however improbably, that their fingerprints had been found in the wrong place. In fact they might have done better to allege they had been planted. As long ago as January 1938 David Pearce was accused of breaking into a club pavilion in Surrey. The evidence against him was that of his co-accused and a fingerprint. In his defence, Pearce demonstrated how a print could be taken and planted. He produced a small mirror and pad of a plastic substance into which he pressed the finger of a warder. He then pressed the substance on the mirror producing a perfect print. He was acquitted. Now fingerprints are regarded with some scepticism. ‘Nothing is foolproof’ said an American prosecutor after one recent debacle. ‘Anything that has human involvement has to be questioned like any other evidence in a criminal case.’ Think of the latest magic bullet, DNA. At least professionals, even after an acquittal, never admitted their guilt. I can recall only one man doing so. Accused of a bank robbery he swore blind he was innocent, weeping and begging, swearing on a number of relatives’ lives, some of whom were already dead. He was acquitted and then triumphantly told me afterwards that indeed he had not been the man across the counter as the police alleged, but had in fact been the getaway driver. Curiously, he was killed in a road accident a few months later. When I heard of this I thought of Steinie Morrison, convicted of the murder of Leon Beron on Clapham Common, who always maintained he had been verballed. When he heard of the death of the inspector in his case he remarked: ‘I had become convinced there was no God but I think I shall alter my opinion after this.’last_img read more

Face masks in court still not necessary, says HMCTS

first_img*The Law Society is keeping the coronavirus situation under review and monitoring the advice it receives from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Public Health England. Court users will continue to be told they do not need to wear a face covering despite the government’s announcement about mandatory face coverings in shops and supermarkets.From 24 July, shoppers in England will have to wear a face covering or face a fine of up to £100. Face coverings will be mandatory on public transport in Wales from 27 July.The Gazette asked HM Courts & Tribunals Service if new rules will be introduced for face masks in court following the government’s latest announcement and was told today that current guidance for court users still stands.HMCTS updated its guidance for court users on face coverings on 6 July.The guidance says face coverings should be worn in enclosed places where social distancing is not possible, such as public transport and shops. ‘Evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you. However, if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with,’ it says.‘Face coverings do not replace social distancing or good hygiene and the range of measures we have introduced in these areas still apply. You should not need to wear a face covering inside our court and tribunal buildings and you will not routinely be provided with one. If there are specific reasons why you need a face covering and you don’t have your own, you can ask a member of staff.’Court users will be permitted to wear face coverings in court buildings if they want to. However, they may be asked to temporarily remove it for identification purposes. Judges and magistrates will decide what is to be worn in the courtroom.Michael Gray, managing director of Chester firm Gray & Co Solicitors, who has previously raised court safety concerns, said courts require people to be in close contact for significant periods of time.He said: ‘I have heard anecdotally that some judges have been critical of professionals wearing masks in court – but of course they are very much away from close contact with people sat often on their own.’Bill Waddington, chair of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association, said it would be wise to have a policy on face coverings for courts which are old, cramped and busy.Waddington said: ‘I think lawyers will be sensible about this in order to protect not only other people, but also themselves. Some courtrooms are airy and spacious, and now planned to ensure people can keep their distance. However, there are times when lawyers will need to consult quietly with the clerk, the Crown Prosecution Service, the client. There’s a very strong argument that masks should be worn for that. I suppose if they’re to be worn for those close consultations, then it would be wise to simply keep them on full time, rather than continuously taking off and putting back on.’Last month, Trish Greenhalgh, a professor of primary care health sciences at the University of Oxford, strongly recommended wearing face coverings in court – an environment she said was risky for transmitting Covid-19. Please see the Gazette’s dedicated coronavirus page here >>center_img Find advice and updates here.last_img read more

Wisdom weed – marijuana may improve memory in the elderly

first_imgMarijuana may improve memory in the elderly Marijuana’s main mind-altering compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may improve memory in older people, according to a recent German study.Research in mice showed that the older animals experienced “a dramatic improvement in cognitive functions” after they were given small daily doses of the psychoactive compound for about a month, said study co-author Andreas Zimmer, a professor of molecular psychiatry at the University of Bonn.Previous research in young animals, as well as in teenage and young adult humans, has suggested that THC may impair cognition, but it was not clear how the compound might affect older individuals.In the new study, which was published in the journal Nature Medicine, the scientists looked at 17 young mice, that were two months old; 24 mature mice, that were one year old; and 29 mice that were 18 months old, which is considered old for mice. The researchers implanted tiny pumps into all mice in the study.In about half of the mice in each age group, the pumps contained a small amount of THC that was released into the mice daily for about a month. In the other half of the animals, the pumps contained a control substance, without THC.The team went on to conduct a few behavioral experiments to test the mice’s cognitive skills, including their memory and ability to learn new information.In one of the tasks, the researchers put the mice in a pool of water with a hidden platform that allowed them to escape the water once they located it. In the control group, the mature mice and the old mice took longer to learn to climb out than the young mice.The mature mice and old mice that had been treated with THC learned the task faster than the control mice in corresponding age groups, however.At times, THC seemed to improve the older mice’s memory to such an extent that some aspects of their memory were as good as those of young mice.In contrast, THC seemed to worsen the performance of cognitive tasks in younger mice. This finding is consistent with previous research that has shown the detrimental effects that THC may have on cognition in young people and animals, according to the study.To determine the potential mechanisms behind the findings, the scientists also examined how THC interacted with gene expression in a brain region called the hippocampus in the mice.They found that administering the compound to the older mice led to a change in those patterns, bringing them back to a state similar to the patterns seen in the young control mice.In contrast, administering THC to the young mice led to a gene expression pattern that resembled that of the older control mice.Florida Legislature fails to pass medical marijuana lawlast_img read more

Oklahoma Backup QB Calls Ohio State’s Defense “Basic,” Says Sooners Will “Light ‘Em Up”

first_img Related Topics Matt Medley Oklahoma backup quarterback Austin Kendall appeared on a local tv show to talk about the upcoming game against Ohio State.First off, it must be a highly-rated show to land the backup qb for an exclusive interview.During that interview, when asked about the upcoming game, Kendall said Ohio State had “a really basic defense.”He also said that starting quarterback Baker Mayfield would “light ’em up.”Kendall even had the audacity to say that if he plays, he would “do the same.”So the Oklahoma Sooners, who came into the season ranked third, got beat by a non-major conference school (no disrespect to Houston) and enter play with a record of 1-1, are giving Urban Meyer and the No. 3 ranked Buckeyes bulletin board material?Good luck with that.Kendall can say his Sooners will light it up on Saturday, but we’ll see who gets smoked when it’s all said and done.Watch the backup quarterback’s poor choice of words below.Here is the video. Have fun with the Buckeyes “Basic D”— Brandon Zimmerman (@bzimmerman9) September 14, 2016Cornerback Marshon Lattimore seemed to think it was pretty funny.Do it look like we care #HowSheGoneEat #BIA— Marshon Lattimore (@shonrp2) September 15, 2016center_img Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games.last_img read more

England boss Jones embraces challenge of tough Pool C

first_img“You can look at it two ways,” said Jones. “It’s a difficult pool or it’s a great pool that you’ve got to play well to get through. My experience of the World Cup is that to have two tough games is the best preparation for you to go through.”World No. 2-ranked England was handed the toughest-looking first-round assignment in Wednesday’s group-stage draw at Kyoto State Guest House, landing three-time runner-up France and 2015 semifinalist Argentina as well as one qualifier each from the Americas and Oceania zones.A difficult group that included Australia, Wales, Fiji and Uruguay sent England to an early exit two years ago, but Jones, who promptly led the team to a world record-equaling 18 straight top-tier wins after replacing Stuart Lancaster, has other ideas.“We want to win the World Cup,” he said. “We’ve said that right from the start. And to do that we have to be well prepared, and there are no better teams than France and Argentina.“France are probably the most improved team in the world, Argentina are improving rapidly, so it just puts the onus on us to keep getting better. It’s exciting. There’s no better rivalry than England and France, is there?”Jones’ World Cup pedigree is among the best in the business, having taken his native Australia to the final in 2003, helped South Africa lift the trophy in 2007 in his role as technical adviser, and masterminded Japan’s historic 34-32 upset of the Springboks in the 2015 tournament.Jones’ knowledge and experience of Japanese rugby dates back to his days coaching Tokai University in the mid-1990s, and the 57-year-old believes the first World Cup to be held in Asia will pose a unique challenge for every team.“I think the weather in the tournament is going to be very important,” he said. “If you haven’t played here before it’s going to be quite a shock, because in late September it can be very humid, very hot and can rain heavily. But then come October, the pitches will be quite hard and fast and the weather becomes a lot drier.“It will almost be two styles of rugby, and in that first couple of rounds you could see upsets if teams haven’t prepared as well or haven’t taken notice of the conditions as much.”England’s rapid improvement under Jones has installed it as one of the favorites to lift the trophy in 2019, but Argentina head coach Daniel Hourcade is keen to prove that his side’s current world ranking of nine is not a true reflection of a team that reached the 2015 semis.“I think it’s a really tough pool but we knew we would get that, given our world ranking,” said Hourcade. “I don’t know if it’s the Group of Death. No matches are easy in a World Cup.“We still have two-and-a-half years to go. One thing is how the team is today, and another is how it will be in 2019. I’m sure we will improve. I think all teams reach the World Cup at their peak, so what has gone before doesn’t matter. We are getting ready not just for two strong teams but four. It’s not just England and France but the other two teams as well.”France was thrashed 62-12 by New Zealand in the 2015 quarterfinals, but coach Guy Noves has overseen a revival that saw the team lose by only three points to England at Twickenham in this year’s Six Nations.“You have to be ready when the tournament begins,” said Noves. “It’s not like you go from an easy match to a complicated match. As soon as it begins, you have to be ready.”Jones, meanwhile, is determined to lift the trophy in the country that made him a superstar after Japan’s 2015 heroics, but the England coach is not about to extend a hand of generosity to his former players.“We intend to get to the quarterfinals, so Japan had better get to the quarterfinals to have any chance of playing against us,” he said. “You can dream and want all you want, and you can talk big, but you’ve got to get to the stage where you earn the right to play us. It’s quite simple.” England, Eddie Jones, 2019 Rugby World Cup KEYWORDS IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 RELATED PHOTOScenter_img Eddie Jones | KYODO GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES KYOTO – England coach Eddie Jones laughed off suggestions that his team has been drawn in a 2019 Rugby World Cup “Group of Death” after being paired with France and Argentina in Pool C on Wednesday.“Who’s calling it a group of death? No one’s going to die,” scoffed the mercurial Australian, who has transformed England’s fortunes since taking over following a disastrous 2015 World Cup on home soil, where the 2003 champions became the first sole host nation to be eliminated in the group stage.last_img read more

Proposed Agreement On Klutina Lake Road And Historic Gulkana Village site

first_imgIt would also resolve long-standing impacts to the Gulkana historic cemetery and townsite—while maintaining public access to fishing areas and outdoor recreation. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The State of Alaska announced that it is seeking public comment on a proposed settlement with Ahtna, Inc. regarding public access along Klutina Lake Road and to the Gulkana River near the Historic Gulkana Village. In 1943, prior to Statehood, the Federal Government bisected what was a thriving village on the Gulkana River in order to realign the highway and build a new bridge. Families were forced without warning to resettle across the Gulkana River and the historic village cemetery has experienced decades of grave desecration. The public will have several opportunities to provide written or oral comments before August 30, The proposed settlement would end litigation between Ahtna and the State of Alaska regarding property interests and use of Klutina Lake Road. Governor Bill Walker: “During my visit to Gulkana last year, traditional Chief Fred Ewan told me he would like his village to regain ownership of his people’s ancestral land and burial sites. I listened. The state has been locked in costly litigation for too long. I applaud Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth and Ahtna for coming to an agreement that protects public access to land while finally correcting this 50-year wrong.”last_img read more

High School Scores 12-1-18

first_img 720p HD Boys BasketballBrooklyn Center 73, Tech 70Big Lake 62, Rocori 50 360p About Connatix V56892 1080p HD About Connatix V56892center_img Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Skip 1/1 Auto (360p) Girl’s BasketballHill-Murray 64, Apollo 45Boy’s HockeyCathedral 7, East Grand Forks 2Warroad 4, Sartell-St. Stephen 3last_img

Kent City girls advance to district semifinals with an easy 65-26 win over Norse

first_img0 Displayed poorly Displayed poorly Bestseller $0.00 Report a problem This item is… FOX Sports: Stream live NFL, College Footbal… Not relevant $0.00 Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Inappropriate / Offensive $14.99 Not relevant Other Other Add Comments (Max 320 characters) × Displayed poorly Bestseller Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. ENDS IN Not relevant Inappropriate / Offensive DEAL OF THE DAY A Warrior’s Heart Not relevant Displayed poorly Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. DEAL OF THE DAY Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball … $26.86$49.99 × (33138) Other Bestseller Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. DEAL OF THE DAY DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Inappropriate / Offensive Other (1009) Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. ENDS IN (124) DEAL OF THE DAY $3.99 Inappropriate / Offensive Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Not relevant Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Displayed poorly Other Bestseller Report a problem This item is… $15.29$17.99 ENDS IN Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Special… Other × Report a problem This item is… Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Share Add Comments (Max 320 characters) $59.99 Displayed poorly Other Add Comments (Max 320 characters) LocalSportsJournal.comThe powerful Kent City girls basketball team began its quest for state glory on Monday with an easy 65-26 victory over North Muskegon in the first round of the Division 3 district tournament at Ravenna High School.The Eagles took complete control of the game with a 29-5 advantage in the first quarter.Eight different Kent City players put points on the board, led by Kenzie Bowers with 17, Zara Weber with 13, Jenna Harrison with 10 and Mikayla Loew with nine.The Eagles, now 17-4 on the season, advance to Wednesday’s district semifinals against Holton at 5:30 p.m. at Ravenna. × Bestseller Report a problem This item is… Fox Sports Go $0.00 Not relevant Shop Now Report a problem This item is… The League Not relevant Share Other × (8187) ENDS IN Bestseller (1461) Bestseller Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Ads by Amazon × Dude Perfect Signature Bow Nerf Sports Bi… Not relevant NBC Sports ENDS IN Displayed poorly × ENDS IN DEAL OF THE DAY DEAL OF THE DAY (22) (1862) Inappropriate / Offensive × Report a problem This item is… Bestseller Inappropriate / Offensive Inappropriate / Offensive ENDS IN Report a problem This item is… DEAL OF THE DAY Inappropriate / Offensive Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Ads by Amazon (35539) Shares Mail Displayed poorlylast_img read more

Kilkenny legend praises Sheedy’s contribution

first_imgTommy Walsh has hailed the impact made by Liam Sheedy on the Tipperary hurlers.Tipp got off to a winning start in this year’s Munster Hurling Championship last weekend, beating Cork by 7-points at Páirc Uí Chaoimh.Sheedy led the Premier to the All Ireland title in his first spell in charge in 2010, and Kilkenny legend Walsh says that Sheedy’s second spell could bring similar results.last_img